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About us

We are an award-winning intimate care brand of Swedish heritage, passionate about creating high-quality and organic products to help care for your intimate areas.

We exist to challenge the narrative around intimate care products, taking them from synthetic, dull and taboo - to natural, chic and normalized.

When it comes to intimate care, we want it organic, non-toxic and created with the woman’s health as the no. 1 priority.

Every day cleansing

The most basic and essential intimate care routine is your daily vulva cleansing. We are passionate advocates of oil cleansing.

Why lathering products are a big no-no

The vulva will not stay healthy if regularly washed with soap-based products. They will eventually dry the skin out, disrupt the healthy and protective microbiome and make the vulva more prone to infections.

Also, water-based products contain preservatives, sometimes very harsh ones, that can irritate the skin and contribute to microbiome unbalances.

Our solution

Plant oils on the other hand attract, bond with and remove dirt and oil from your skin without stripping your skin's moisture. 

Our cleansing oils are 100% natural and 70% organic and are preservative free.

Choose organic

Certified organic oils originate from plants and herbs that have met strict requirements in terms of certain synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs and are healthier and non-toxic.

Organic farming help to restore soil vitality and prevent harmful chemicals from entering water supplies, like streams. The use of conventional pesticides can lead to decreasing wildlife diversity and populations. 

Organic Gardening
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Biome friendly 

Our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compose the skin microbiota. Their balanced existence means that pathogenic ones cannot proliferate. Pathogenic bacteria are the bad ones that can cause skin disorders.

Some harsh surfactants and preservatives found in many personal care products can disrupt the microbiome balance.

Cleansing + Moisturising Oil Prebiotic + Postbiotic has undergone extensive testing by an independent laboratory and can carry the Kind to Biome mark. That means the cleansing oil will not have a negative impact on the skin's microbiota.

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