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Shaving guide - How to get the smoothest shave without red dots

Bikini season is here and it’s time to pay extra attention to your lady parts. Or rather the shaving of them. Red dots are not very sexy but the truth is that most people get them. But did you know that in most cases they are possible to avoid? The keywords are: good hygiene, right products and minimal friction.

How to get the smoothest shave without red dots:

1. Pre-trim your pubic hair. Aim for hair that is shorter than 0,6 cm.

2. Always shave in the shower. Rinse with warm water to open up the pores. Carefully wash the entire intimate area with Cleansing + Moisturizing Oil to remove bacteria.

3. Massage in plenty with Shaving + Moisturizing Oil.

4. Stretch the skin and shave. Shaving with the grain is more gentle, but with a good and sharp razor, it is also possible to shave across the grain since you get a much closer shave. You need to experiment to see how much stress your skin can handle. If you have very coarse hair or if you have very sensitive skin, I recommend to shave with the grain. Do not over-shave. Shave an area only as much as you need to remove the hair. If you go over it too many times it’s more likely that red dots will appear.

5. Don’t forget you bum.

6. Rinse the skin again and finish with cold water so that the pores close.

Why do you get red dots after shaving?

The reason is actually a hair follicle inflammation that is caused by micro-damage in the skin where bacteria are formed. Inflammation can also be caused by in-grown hairs. If you have coarse hair, you will easier get hair follicle inflammation. Also if you sweat a lot and rarely showers. If you are very active and the skin rubs, you also get red dots easier, for example at the edge of the panties. Then of course there is a difference between different people, some gets it easier, while others are more spared.

Tips after shaving:

• Keep the razor diagonal and dry to avoid wear and tear and bacteria.

• Replace razor blade frequently.

• Avoid tight clothing and skip the panties as often as you can.

• Wash regularly.

• Try not to scratch skin.

• If you have problems with in-grown hairs, peel the area a couple of times a week.

Happy shaving!

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