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Vaginal health with proper cleansing

Talking about intimate health issues can be quite embarrassing for many women. According to our market research 91% of surveyed women have experienced some kind of vaginal discomfort. Despite that, it's a topic many women feel uncomfortable bringing up.

Most problems can be avoided if we learn how to take proper care of our vulva. First of all, ditch the soap. The labia does not contain enough sebaceous glands to stay healthy if regularly washed with surfactant based products. The vagina opening does not produce sebum at all. When the vulva gets dry you are more prone to get infections.

That is why doctors and midwives recommend to cleanse with oil-based products. Oil dissolves impurities without drying out the labia and at the same time moisturises the skin.

Make sure to use natural and organic oils. Petrochemical oils is a risk factory for autoimmune diseases.

"Dry, itchy, and irritated mucous membranes affects many women. Often due to excessive washing and the use of soap which is not intended for the intimate area. The cleansing oils from Lip Intimate Care are amazing products that carefully cleanses and repairs dry, irritated and itching mucous membranes."

Sara Törnqvist, midwife at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm