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Masturbate while you isolate

A little self-care could go a long way towards boosting your spirits and your immune system in these times of self-quarantine. Try to think of your current situation as an opportunity to better equip yourself to make a spine-tingling re-introduction into the world of shared intimacy. It’s also a very healthy thing to do. Did you know that masturbation is proved to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, help you sleep better and boost your mood and confidence?

These are the hormones your body releases while masturbating:

· The “happiness hormone” Dopamine. It helps with stress reduction, bonding, and relaxation.

· The body’s natural pain reliever Endorphins. This hormone is also de-stressing and mood-boosting.

· The “love hormone” Oxytocin. Plays an important role in regulating stress and reducing anxiety.

· Testosterone. Promotes arousal and stamina.

· Prolactin that influences your mood and immune system.