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The intimate area is the most sensitive part of your body and absorbs much of what you apply. You don't want to use mineral oil, surfactants, synthetic fragrances or other petrochemicals down there since they can irritate and cause imbalances.

For us, it's obvious to nurture our lady parts with organic products.

  • 100% natural 

  • Made by women for women

  • Recommended by doctors & midwives

  • Made in Sweden

Expert's advise

Sara, registered midwife 

"Dry, itchy and irritated mucous membranes in the intimate area is something that not only affects women who are going through or have been through menopause. A large number of younger women are also suffering from dryness, many times, due to excessive washing and the use of soap which is not intended for the intimate area. The cleansing oil with sea buckthorn and fragonia is an amazing product that not only protects, but also carefully cleanses and repairs dry, irritated and itching mucous membranes."

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