What some of our customers are saying

"This one is my favorite (Coconut + Vanilla). It's so gentle and soft. I really felt like I was pampering my private parts - like a facial for your vay-jay. The oil sinks in to leave a lovely dewy effect down below and is ideal to apply after shaving."


"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your cleansing oil with Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia. It has changed my life for the positive and I am a loyal customer, it's such a fantastic product in every way.

Thank you, thank you thank you!"


"One of the best products I have ever used. Cleanses and nourishes the most delicate skin. Love it to pieces!"


"Lip Intimate Care's products have really made a difference. I have experienced periods of vaginal imbalances. UTI, thrush and dry/fragile mucous membranes have been a recurring problem. After diet changes and only natural skincare products, everything changed."


"How many of you can admit that you use your regular shower gel for intimate cleansing? I was one of them.. As you know I have used Lip Intimate Care for a while now and my mucous membranes are as happy as I am.

Same with the shaving, so soft and gentle to skin"


"I was recommended by my specialist in gynecology your cleansing oil: Cleansing + Moisturising Oil, Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia, instead of eating strong medicine, I had very often yeast infections in the genital area. I followed my doctor's advice and bought your AMAZING product! Completely natural, absolutely fantastic and I am free from infections!!! Never thought it would disappear! I'm so happy, now I use it to care for and clean my intimate area. I can not describe how happy I am with your product! I have recommended this to my friends, mom, sister, yes simply to everyone. Just want to say that this product saved me and I will continue to use it forever!

Thank you for your amazing product!"